Karl Fischer-Titrator

Karl Fischer-Coulometer C30S with Stromboli oven sample changer


Amount of sample [g]

0,1 – 10

Water content [ppm]

1 – 50.000

Oven temperature [°C]

50 – 300

Number of samples

Up to 14 per series

Type of samples

liquid, powder, granule, bead foam etc.


Individual method design


The quality of polymeric products is strongly dependent on the water content of the raw materials during processing.

The department of Polymer Engineering uses the automatic Karl Fischer-Coulometer C30S equipped with the Stromboli oven sample changer for water content determination of polymers, according to ISO 15512 (method B).

A precise determination of water content (up to 5%) is enabled by using the Coulometer, with only very low sample weights required. Additionally, various sample conditions are allowed, such as liquids, powders, granules, bead foams etc.


The analysis is performed as follows:

·       Heating of sample (blank sample)

·       Transfer of emitted water into measuring cell

·       Titration of transfered water

·       Calculation of water content by determination of titration liquid consumption


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