High-pressure autoclave

The batch process is a discontinuous foaming process showing a good reproducibility due to the exact process controlling. It is mainly qualified for investigations of the foaming behaviour of polymers and polymer systems, however there are also industrial applications. Physical blowing agents as carbon dioxide or nitrogen are commonly used. For foaming polymers via batch-process two different methods can be used, the temperature-induced and the pressure-induced method.

At the Department of Polymer Engineering in addition to the Berghof autoclave there is a high pressure-autoclave (manufacturer: University of Bayreuth) available.

With this autoclave the materials are saturated with gases under high pressure and temperature. After the saturation of the material with the blowing agent, the samples are foamed by a high depessurization rate. This method used is referred to as pressure-induced method.

Maximum pressure (bar):


Maximum temperature (°C):


Volume (ml):

5 x  5 ml


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