Juchheim high-pressure autoclave with flash-tank

The high-pressure stirred autoclave by Juchheim with the attached flash-tank is a suitable tool for the production of particle foams in the laboratory scale. With this device, pellet amounts up to 500 g (usually 150 – 300 g) can be impregnated with a suitable propellant. Short-chain hydrocarbons, gases and polar solvents are used as blowing agent. The saturation temperature and the loading time is controlled by the regulator JU-07 C (Juchheim). After a specified time of impregnation under pressure and temperature, which is determined by the diameter of the used pellets, the gas-loaded beads can be foamed via pressure drop method by opening the ball valve.

maximum pressure

70 bar

maximum temperature

200 °C


2,3 l

volume flash-tank

15  l


Location: University of Bayreuth

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