Teubert TVZ 125/85 Molding machine

For more than 50 years particle foams have a wide application in the packaging- and insulation sector. Thereby EPS (expanded polystyrene) still have the largest market share, because it is cheap to produce and to process. Especially in building insulation EPS is used very often, because of the thermal properties. Since the 80s, also EPP (expanded polypropylene) increasingly applied in the packaging industry for high quality, reusable packaging. Due to the excellent energy absorption of EPP in combination with the low specific gravity, in recent years the trend goes to new applications in the automotive sector such as bumper cores or sun visors.
With the molding machine preexpanded particle foam beads such as EPP, EPE or EPS can be welded to molded parts. The molding machine can accommodate tools of different sizes, so that both blocks with a thickness of up to 600 mm and small moldings with dimensions of 20 x 28 x 10 mm can be manufactured. Thus, it is possible to produce moldings even with a small amount of material and to examine laboratory products with regard to their weldability. In addition, the produced molding can be provided with a surface structure by different grained tool surfaces.
Furthermore, the equipment of the block mold includes an optional pressure-/temperature sensor, so that the temperature gradient in the mold interior can be specifically measured. An accurate record of the parameters and the used media such as compressed air, steam and cooling water during the manufacturing process allows an exact analysis and adjustment of the process. In this way, for example in the manufacture of EPP-block products by increasing the part thickness to 500 mm, the cooling water- and steam consumption per kilogram EPP will be significantly reduced.
The molding machine is available for the department in cooperation with the New Materials Bayreuth GmbH.

steam chamber internal pressure [bar]


silo volume [l]

silo 1 (standard): 300

silo 2 (fluid air): 150

silo 3 (standard with folding floor): 30

silo 4 (eco-pulse-technics): 18

mold dimensions [mm]

off-the-shelf technology:


mono-block technology:

(with and without surface grain)


1000 x 600 x 90/300/500


290 x 200 x 3/6/9/50




vacuum system

pressure loading facility with 2 x 1,5 m³ volume

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