Twin-screw extruder Brabender DSE 20/40

This machine is a co-rotating twin-screw-extruder. It is used for the production of compounds made from thermoplastic polymers and additives or fillers as well as the production of polymer blend systems in the laboratory scale. By flexibly adjustable screw geometry the shear energy, which is acting on the polymer melt during processing, can be adjusted as required. In this way, the specifically influence of individual screw elements can be analyzed for the dispersion of fillers or the blend morphology. Furthermore, rheological investigations of the recycled materials can be carried out using a stretch injector. Using a foam system, it is also possible to develop the twin-screw-extruder to a triple („tridem“) configuration for the production of foams.

Processing temperatures[°C] up to 400
Processing methods compounding, foaming, rheological investigations (Dehndüse, Kapilarrheometer)
Equipment melt pump, Rheotens, granulator, water quench

Location: University of Bayreuth

Contact: Sebastian Gröschel 
Phone: +49(0)921 55 74 62
Fax: +49(0)921 55 74 73