Buss Ko-Kneter MKS 30

The Buss Kneader is a singlescrew type machine. Its distinguishing feature is however a special operating principle whereby the screw shaft oscillates axially once per revolution in sinusoidal motion generated by a synchronized drive.

The characteristic kneading flights on the screw shaft interact with fixed kneading teeth or kneading bolts inside the Kneader barrel so that the various ingredients are sheared between them much more directly and rapidly than with other systems. Furthermore, the oscillating screw shaft ensures intensive mixing in the axial direction through repeated product separation, folding and reorientatio.

lab kneader


process length

20 L/D

screw diameter

30 mm

max. screw speed

500 r.p.m.

input power

7,5 kW


5 – 25 kg/h

discharge screw



40 mm


6 L/D

temperature controls


temperature range

up to 400°C

heating system


cooling system


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