Single-Screw-Extruder Collin Teach-Line Type 20 x 2 with Chill Roll Type CR 72 T

These small laboratory facility of the company Dr. Collin has a flat die and a roller and winding unit. The plant is designed for the processing of standard thermoplastics, as the barrel temperature is limited to 300 ° C. Mainly it is used in film extrusion of teaching internship for students of material sciences.

Single-screw-extruder Collin:

screw diameter [mm] 20
L/D 25
maximum speed [1/min] 180
maximum torque [Nm] 94
processing temperatures [°C] up to 300
heating zones 5
mass flow rate [kg/h] ≤ 1 – 5

Roller Unit Chill-Roll:

chill roll diameter [mm] 72
chill roll width [mm] 190
maximum die width [mm] 100
maximum tensile force [N] 260
maximum haul-off speed [m/min] 14

Location: University of Bayreuth

Contact: Sebastian Gröschel
Phone: +49(0)921 55 74 62
Fax: +49(0)921 55 74 73