Twin-screw-extruder Werner & Pfleiderer ZSK 26 MCC

With this co-rotating twin-screw-extruder, the department has a tool to compound in a quick and efficient way additives, glass and fillers in polymeric matrix systems, or to recycle thermoplastic polymers into blends. By flexibly adjustable screw geometry the shear energy, which is acting on the polymer melt during processing, can be adjusted as required. In this way, the specifically influence of individual screw elements can be analyzed for the dispersion of fillers or the blend morphology. Thus, we can respond to a variety of compounding functions by adjusting the screw configuration. In addition, the extruder barrel has two injection sites for feeding physical blowing agents that allow the screening of various formulations for the manufacture of thermoplastic foams. Furthermore, the preparation of PEEK is also possible with this system configuration.

screw diameter [mm] 25
L/D 44
maximum speed [1/min] 1200
maximum torque [Nm] 212
processing temperatures [°C] up to 400
heating zones 10
mass flow rate [kg/h] 10 – 100
equipment angled extrusion die head with perforated strip 2 x Ø 4 mm , 4 x Ø 4 mm borehole, vacuum system for degassing (22 m3/h at 100 mbar), 2 sampling plates, optional 2 side loadings, 2 injection sites for liquid dosing, two gravimetric feeders

Location: University of Bayreuth

Contact: Sebastian Gröschel 
Phone: +49(0)921 55 74 62
Fax: +49(0)921 55 74 73