Injection molding machines

Unlike almost any other processing method injection molding is suitable for mass produced articles, because it leads to a formed part directly from the raw material in a short time. In this way, the production of formed parts of some mg up to the kg-area are possible. Even complex geometries can be implemented automatically in one operation. For this reason, the injection molding is currently the most important process for the production of formed parts made of thermoplastics. Not in vain, about 60% of all plastic converting machines are injection molding machines. Injection molding is further characterized by a high automation, high reproducibility and slight reworking of the produced formed parts.  In the range of polymer processing a variety of injection molding machines are available at the Department of Polymer Engineering. The clamping force region of the machinery ranges from 50 to 250 tons. Emphasis are on special procedures such as the foam injection molding, the processing of long-fiber reinforced thermoplastics and high temperature thermoplastics. Characteristics of the entire equipment are an injection molding compounder (200 t) by Krauss-Maffei and a foam injection molding machine (250 t) by Engel, to which the Department receives access through its cooperation with the Competence Center New Materials Bayreuth GmbH. For more details see the following machine descriptions.


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