Injection-moulding compounder Krauss-Maffei IMC KM 200

The concept of the injection molding compounder (IMC) units a closely intermeshing twin-screw extruder for processing with a plunger injection system and a closing unit of a conventional injection molding machine. The combination of a continuously operating machine unit with a cyclically working machine unit is done by integration of a melt-cache. The co-rotating twin-screw extruder can be adjusted via the selection of various screw elements and adapted speeds to different homogenizing- and mixing tasks, so that a constant quality of the compound can be provided.
In this way, fibers, fillers and reinforcements as well as additives can effectively incorporated into polymeric matrix systems and processed to prefabricated parts in the first heat. The reduction of fiber breakage in the incorporation of continuous-glass fibers allows the processing and molding of long fiber-reinforced thermoplastics. In the injection-molded part significantly greater residual fiber lengths can be achieved than with conventional long fiber injection molding, which achieved excellent mechanical properties.
In cooperation with the New Materials Bayreuth GmbH an IMC-injection molding compounder is available, with which a drawing-in of up to 16 fiber glass rovings for the production of D-LFT components is possible. A gravimetric metering unit delivers continuous doses of up to 4 components, in which the dosage of powder is also possible. The materials for processing can be preconditioned in three 100 l all-embracing separate chambers in a pellet-dry-air dryer.

clamping force [kN]


tie bar distance [mm]


minimal daylight [mm]


screw diameter [mm]


screw length [mm]




injection piston diameter


maximum shot weight [g/PS]


maximum injection pressure [bar]


maximum cylinder temperature [°C]


Location: New Materials Bayreuth GmbH

Contact: Christin Baumgart
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