Pilot prepreg impregnation plant (Manufacturer: EHA Composite Machinery)

Working width max. 30 cm
Line speed Up to 10 m/min
Possible reinforcements

- Up to 32 rovings; In-line spreading unit integrated

- textiles (woven fabrics, NCFs or non-woven fibre mats) up to a width of 30 cm
Matrix materials Thermoset solvent-free resin systems – viscosity range app. 10 to 50.000 mPas
Coating technologies Foulard, comma bar, indirect roll coating
Number of calenders 2 (first calendar heatable up to 250 °C)


max. 250 °C (2 heating tables, each equipped with separate temperature regulation)

Location: Neue Materialien Bayreuth GmbH

Contact: M. Sc. Martin Demleitner
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