WAK Journal of Plastics Technology

The Journal of Plastics Technology is a reviewed internet journal under the patronage of the Scientific Alliance of Polymer Technology. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Volker Altstädt is a longtime member of the WAK. 

It is the aim of the WAK to gain a fast and uncomplicated access to the broad public to innovativ newly articles from the areas materials, construction and production under the special allowance of the interaction between them. This journal is a portal for ideas and information about polymer technology.

Another important goal is to bandy currenct qualified articles fast and preferably cheap. Beyond this the Journal of Plastics Technology is a forum for: reviewed publications, book reviews, conference proceedings, job advertisements, critical articles about the development of teaching and research.

Articles could be submitted under: redaktion@kunststofftech.com

Webside: www.kunststofftech.com