Optical Strain Analysis

Optical deformation analysis is a powerful tool to obtain full-field distribution of deformations in a sample (component) during mechanical or thermal loading. In case of polymeric foam materials, in particular, the application of classical strain gauge systems is not suitable due to the large deformation ranges as well as the influence the strain measurement equipment can have on the stiffness of the sample. Optical deformation technique is a very suitable method for such soft materials, which have typically very large deformations.

At the department of Polymer Engineering, Digital Image Correlation (DIC) is frequently used to study the complex deformation behavior of lightweight materials such as foams, sandwich structures, and fiber composites. In doing this, important information such as the local deformation patterns and stress concentrations as well as the quality of adhesion between different layers could be measured and optimized.


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DIC setup for determining shear strains in the sandwich core materials
Distribution of core shear strain at different mid point loads for a Balsa core sandwich structure