Rheology behaviour of gas loaded polymer melts

Optimization of foam extrusion requires a profound understanding of the rheological properties of polymer melts loaded with a blowing agent. Even a small amount of blowing agent can lead to a large reduction of the viscosity of the polymer melt. The extrusion pressure during foam extrusion generally attains large values. Hence the objective of our research activities is to investigate the influence of the concentration of the blowing agent and pressure on the flow properties of thermoplastic polymers.

Special rheometers are necessary for the determination of the rheological properties of solutions of polymer melts and a blowing agent. In a running project of the DFG we apply the methods of rotational and capillary rheometry in order to investigate the influence of pressure and blowing agent on the viscoelastic properties of the melt by establishing quantitative relationships.


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Pressure cell for the measurement of rheological properties