UV-curing Systems

UV-curable resin systems have a significantly faster reaction behavior and higher cross-linking speeds compared to thermally curing systems. These characteristics therefore qualify UV-curing as a key technology for the realization of shorter process times and significant energy savings.

Currently, the advantages described above are already being used in the coatings and adhesives sector as well as in additive manufacturing. In addition, this technology is increasingly being implemented in fiber composites, whereby glass fibers are preferably used at the moment. A major factor here is the complete and fast deep curing, which can be achieved with novel techniques such as frontal polymerization.

The department of Polymer Engineering deals with the specific modification of UV-curing resin systems in an essential field of work. The aim is to control process- and application-relevant properties of resin systems in order to realize tailored properties of different systems. In addition to cationic epoxy resin systems, which are investigated in combination with different additives such as accelerators, photosensitizers or reactive diluents, etc. our focus is on radical acrylate resins.

In the view of process-related optimization of the systems described above, the viscosity profile as well as the curing kinetics are adjusted primarily. For the investigation of application-relevant properties, temperature resistance, toughness, thermal conductivity as well as electrical insulation or conductivity and fire behavior are the most common criteria that are needed to be mentioned.

To characterize UV-curing resin systems the department of Polymer Engineering is equipped with a PhotoDSC, Photo-DEA, UV-Rheometer and various light ovens. In addition, the testing center of the chair offers an extensive machinery equipment. Therefore, numerous mechanical parameters of pure resins as well as composite materials can be determined.


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