WAK Award 2019

Dipl.-Ing. Klaus Ensinger (left), representative of Wilfried-Ensinger-Foundation, Dr.-Ing. Ronak Bahrami (middl), Prof. Dr.-Ing. Alois K. Schlarb (right).

The Scientific Working Group of the University Professors of polymer technology WAK annually awards the best scientific work in this field. The goal is to document important advances in science and technology of polymers as well as to motivate and support young engineers in their scientific work. The prize money in the dissertation category is 5000 €. The prizes will be provided by four innovative plastic engineering companies.

  • Wilfried-Ensinger-Award for development and description of technical polymers for innovative applications
  • Oechsler-Award for methods and approaches for development and conctruction of polymer final parts
  • Brose-Award for new methods and techniques in polymer processing 
  • Röchling-Award for hybrid materials, systems and processing technologies for polymers

At the 41th meeting of the WAK (Scientific Working Group of University Professors of Polymer Technology), which was held on October 21, 1919 at the international K-fair in Düsseldorf, Dr.-Ing. Ronak Bahrami received the Wilfried Ensinger Award 2019 for her dissertation entitled "Fracture Mechanics of Nanostructured Polymer Blends with Janus Particles". Bahrami was a PhD student at the Department of Polymer Materials (Prof. Dr.-Ing. V. Altstädt) at the Univ. Bayreuth.

Rehau Technology Award 2019

Prof. Altstädt, head of the department, with the award winner Dr.-Ing. Michaela Mörl, head engineer of the polymer engineering department, at this year's award of the Rehau technology prize on the 4 april 2019 in Rehau.

INEOS Styrolution has granted a first award for an outstanding master thesis that was developed in alignment with our R&D department. The award follows the INEOS scheme for recognising excellent achievements in R&D.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Volker Altstädt, Chunjing Zhao and Dr. Norbert Niessner at the handover ceremony.
(© INEOS Styrolution)

Chunjing Zhao became the first student to receive this award from INEOS Styrolution. Her master thesis on “Influences of Supramolecular Additives on the Morphology and Properties of Extruded Polystyrene (XPS) Foams” did not only convince Prof. Altstädt of the University of Bayreuth, but also our R&D department.
INEOS Styrolution cooperates with Bayreuth for about five years. Projects include new lightweight composites, foam injection molding with aesthetic surface and improved anti-scratch equipment for styrenic polymers. Bayreuth also plays an important role in the development and continued enhancement of StyLight®, our first composite.
Dr. Norbert Niessner, Director Global R&D/ Intellectual Property, congratulated Ms. Zhao to her achievement and handed over a cheque during a little ceremony at our 50 Avon headquarters in Frankfurt, on Dec. 12, 2018. He is hopeful that Ms. Zhao may have shown the direction to new materials delivering much better insulation than current XPS materials.
Dr. Niessner says: “Ms. Zhao’s work may have a significant impact on the construction industry. Thermal insulation of buildings may become more effective resulting in energy savings. Ultimately, her findings may become a significant contribution to more sustainability.”