About us

Our motivated and talented team is our greatest strength. Our close cooperation between natural scientists, engineers, and, increasingly, computer scientists, enables interdisciplinary work under one roof. In particular, we supplement our own expertise with that of our strong partners. For example, we work closely with Neue Materialien Bayreuth GmbH, the Bavarian Polymer Institute and the Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation.

In our research, we pursue a clear strategy based on three pillars: an orientation towards application, sustainability, and digitalisation. From the very beginning, we focus on the subsequent application and its requirements. From there, our scientific expertise in materials and technologies helps us to develop innovative applications in a targeted manner. We also look at the entire life cycle of polymer materials to holistically assess sustainability. And we use digital technologies to achieve better research results faster.

Numerous awards at the national and international level speak for our successful and scientifically grounded work. Graduates of our research group hold important positions in renowned companies. We thus build bridges between science and industry.

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