Compulsory and elective practicals

In addition to our lectures, we teach application-related and practical content in compulsory and elective practical courses. In this way, our students gain their first experience in the processing and testing of polymer materials.

Contact: M. Sc. Annalena Pongratz
Phone: +49 921 55 7490

The following practical courses are carried out as part of our lectures and are organised by us:

  • Polymer technology
  • Polymer processing
  • Materials mechanics & testingg
  • Structure & properties of polymer materials

Registration for the practical on CM Life is mandatory for organisation and group assignment. Registration for the respective practical course examination on CM Life is also necessary to pass. The course is considered passed if reports are handed in on time. Passing the practical course is a prerequisite for taking the corresponding exam.

Current topics for the implementation of elective practical courses at Polymer Engineering.

Polymer and Colloid Chemistry (B. Sc.)

  • P301/P302 Research Modules I and II

Polymer Science (M. Sc.)

  • P205 Polymer technology
  • P104 Polymer materials and technology