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Mattar, Nour; é, Val; Renard, Estelle; Rademacker, Tim; Hübner, Fabian; Demleitner, Martin; Altstädt, Volker; Ruckdäschel, Holger; de Anda, Agustin Rios

Fully Bio-Based Epoxy-Amine Thermosets Reinforced with Recycled Carbon Fibers as a Low Carbon-Footprint Composite Alternative Artikel

ACS Applied Polymer Materials, 3 (1), S. 426–435, 2020.

DOI: 10.1021/acsapm.0c01187

Azadi, Fatemeh; Jafari, Seyed Hassan; Khonakdar, Hossein Ali; Arjmand, Mohammad; Wagenknecht, Udo; Altstädt, Volker

Influence of Graphene Oxide on Thermally Induced Shape Memory Behavior of PLA/TPU Blends: Correlation with Morphology, Creep Behavior, Crystallinity, and Dynamic Mechanical Properties Artikel

Macromolecular Materials and Engineering, S. 2000576, 2020.

DOI: 10.1002/mame.202000576

Shahnooshi, Mahboobeh; Javadi, Azizeh; Nazockdast, Hossein; Ottermann, Katharina; Altstädt, Volker

Rheological rationalization of in situ nanofibrillar structure development: Tailoring of nanohybrid shish-kebab superstructures of poly (lactic acid) crystalline phase Artikel

Polymer, 211 , S. 123040, 2020.

DOI: 10.1016/j.polymer.2020.123040

Aksit, Alper; Menzel, Teresa; Aksit, Merve; Altstädt, Volker

Properties of Styrene–Maleic Anhydride Copolymer Compatibilized Polyamide 66/Poly (Phenylene Ether) Blends: Effect of Maleic Anhydride Concentration and Copolymer Content Artikel

Materials, 13 (5), S. 1237, 2020.

DOI: 10.3390/ma13051237

Shabani, Amin; Fathi, Amir; Erlwein, Sebastian; Altstädt, Volker

Thermoplastic polyurethane foams: From autoclave batch foaming to bead foam extrusion Artikel

Journal of Cellular Plastics, S. 0021955X2091220, 2020.

DOI: 10.1177/0021955x20912201

Standau, Tobias; Long, Huan; ó, Svenja Murillo Castell; Brütting, Christian; Bonten, Christian; Altstädt, Volker

Evaluation of the Zero Shear Viscosity, the D-Content and Processing Conditions as Foam Relevant Parameters for Autoclave Foaming of Standard Polylactide (PLA) Artikel

Materials, 13 (6), S. 1371, 2020.

DOI: 10.3390/ma13061371

Weingart, Nick; Raps, Daniel; Lu, Mingfu; Endner, Lukas; Altstädt, Volker

Comparison of the Foamability of Linear and Long-Chain Branched Polypropylene—The Legend of Strain-Hardening as a Requirement for Good Foamability Artikel

Polymers, 12 (3), S. 725, 2020.

DOI: 10.3390/polym12030725

Shahnooshi, Mahboobeh; Javadi, Azizeh; Nazockdast, Hossein; Altstädt, Volker

Development of in situ nanofibrillar poly (lactic acid)/poly (butylene terephthalate) composites: Non-isothermal crystallization and crystal morphology Artikel

European Polymer Journal, 125 , S. 109489, 2020.

DOI: 10.1016/j.eurpolymj.2020.109489

Bethke, Christian; Goedderz, Daniela; Weber, Lais; Standau, Tobias; Döring, Manfred; Altstädt, Volker

Improving the flame-retardant property of bottle-grade PET foam made by reactive foam extrusion Artikel

Journal of Applied Polymer Science, 137 (35), S. 49042, 2020.

DOI: 10.1002/app.49042

Reuter, Jens; Standau, Tobias; Altstädt, Volker; Döring, Manfred

Flame-retardant hybrid materials based on expandable polystyrene beads Artikel

Journal of Fire Sciences, 38 (3), S. 270–283, 2020.

DOI: 10.1177/0734904119899851

Geschwindner, Christopher; Goedderz, Daniela; Li, Tao; Köser, Jan; Fasel, Claudia; Riedel, Ralf; Altstädt, Volker; Bethke, Christian; Puchtler, Florian; Breu, Josef; Döring, Manfred; Dreizler, Andreas; Böhm, Benjamin

Investigation of flame retarded polypropylene by high-speed planar laser-induced fluorescence of OH radicals combined with a thermal decomposition analysis Artikel

Experiments in Fluids, 61 (2), 2020.

DOI: 10.1007/s00348-019-2864-5


Bubmann, Tobias; Seidel, Andreas; Altstädt, Volker

Transparent PC/PMMA Blends Via Reactive Compatibilization in a Twin-Screw Extruder Artikel

Polymers, 11 (12), S. 2070, 2019.

DOI: 10.3390/polym11122070

Keilholz, Clemens; Raps, Daniel; Köppl, Thomas; Altstädt, Volker

Influence of nucleating agent type on the morphology of extruded polyetherimide foam for printed circuit boardsast Artikel

Journal of Cellular Plastics, S. 0021955X1986410, 2019.

DOI: 10.1177/0021955x19864107

Pawelski-Hoell, Christin; Bhagwat, Sagar; Altstädt, Volker

Thermal, fire, and mechanical properties of solvent-free processed BN/boehmite-filled prepregs Artikel

Polymer Engineering & Science, 2019.

DOI: 10.1002/pen.25184

Lan, Du Ngoc Uy; Fauzi, Muhammad Syazwan; Viet, Cao Xuan; Raps, Daniel; Altstädt, Volker

Viscoelastic epoxy foams by an aqueous emulsion foaming process Artikel

Journal of Cellular Plastics, 56 (1), S. 105–118, 2019.

DOI: 10.1177/0021955x19864016

Häublein, Markus; Peter, Karin; Bakis, Gökhan; Mäkimieni, Roi; Altstädt, Volker; Möller, Martin

Investigation on the Flame Retardant Properties and Fracture Toughness of DOPO and Nano-SiO2 Modified Epoxy Novolac Resin and Evaluation of Its Combinational Effects Artikel

Materials, 12 (9), S. 1528, 2019.

DOI: 10.3390/ma12091528

Bard, Simon; Schönl, Florian; Demleitner, Martin; Altstädt, Volker

Copper and Nickel Coating of Carbon Fiber for Thermally and Electrically Conductive Fiber Reinforced Composites Artikel

Polymers, 11 (5), S. 823, 2019.

DOI: 10.3390/polym11050823

Bard, ; Demleitner, ; Radtke, ; Altstädt,

Transverse Thermal Conductivity of Epoxy Carbon Fiber Prepreg Laminates with a Graphite Filled Matrix Artikel

Journal of Composites Science, 3 (2), S. 44, 2019.

DOI: 10.3390/jcs3020044

Bethke, ; Sanchez-Vazquez, ; Raps, ; Bakis, ; Bard, ; Ngoc, ; Volker,

Effect of Resin and Blocked/Unblocked Hardener Mixture on the Production of Epoxy Foams with CO2 Blocked Hardener in Batch Foaming Process Artikel

Polymers, 11 (5), S. 793, 2019.

DOI: 10.3390/polym11050793

Demleitner, Martin; Sanchez-Vazquez, Sandra Aline; Raps, Daniel; Bakis, Gökhan; Pflock, Tobias; Chaloupka, Alexander; Schmölzer, Stefan; Altstädt, Volker

Dielectric analysis monitoring of thermoset curing with ionic liquids: From modeling to the prediction in the resin transfer molding process Artikel

Polymer Composites, 2019.

DOI: 10.1002/pc.25306

Bard, Simon; Demleitner, Martin; Weber, Regino; Zeiler, Rico; Altstädt, Volker

Effect of Curing Agent on the Compressive Behavior at Elevated Test Temperature of Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Epoxy Composites Artikel

Polymers, 11 (6), S. 943, 2019.

DOI: 10.3390/polym11060943

Standau, Tobias; ó, Svenja Murillo Castell; Delavoie, Agathe; Bonten, Christian; Altstädt, Volker

Effects of chemical modifications on the rheological and the expansion behavior of polylactide (PLA) in foam extrusion Artikel

e-Polymers, 19 (1), S. 297–304, 2019.

DOI: 10.1515/epoly-2019-0030

Keller, Jan-Hendrik; Altstädt, Volker

Influence of mid-stress on the dynamic fatigue of a light weight EPS bead foam Artikel

e-Polymers, 19 (1), S. 349–354, 2019.

DOI: 10.1515/epoly-2019-0036

Aksit, M; Klose, B; Zhao, C; Kreger, K; Schmidt, H-W; Altstädt, V

Morphology control of extruded polystyrene foams with benzene-trisamide-based nucleating agents Artikel

Journal of Cellular Plastics, 55 (3), S. 249–261, 2019.

DOI: 10.1177/0021955x19837508

Bard, Simon; Schönl, Florian; Demleitner, Martin; Altstädt, Volker

Influence of Fiber Volume Content on Thermal Conductivity in Transverse and Fiber Direction of Carbon Fiber-Reinforced Epoxy Laminates Artikel

Materials, 12 (7), S. 1084, 2019.

DOI: 10.3390/ma12071084

Standau, Tobias; Zhao, Chunjing; ó, Svenja Murillo Castell; Bonten, Christian; Altstädt, Volker

Chemical Modification and Foam Processing of Polylactide (PLA) Artikel

Polymers, 11 (2), S. 306, 2019.

DOI: 10.3390/polym11020306

Aksit, Merve; Zhao, Chunjing; Klose, Bastian; Kreger, Klaus; Schmidt, Hans-Werner; Altstädt, Volker

Extruded Polystyrene Foams with Enhanced Insulation and Mechanical Properties by a Benzene-Trisamide-Based Additive Artikel

Polymers, 11 (2), S. 268, 2019.

DOI: 10.3390/polym11020268

Weber, R; Weinbrenner, M; Schreier, P; Neumeyer, T

EPP-Schäume – mehr als nur heiße Luft; Artikel

Industrieanzeiger, (141:27), 2019.

Meij, Albert

Über den Einfluss der Halbzeugart auf die Herstellung und Qualität von Formteilen aus glasmattenverstärkten Thermoplasten (GMT) / Artikel



Bakis, Gökhan; Kothmann, Martin Heinz; Zeiler, Rico; Brückner, Alexander; Ziadeh, Mazen; Breu, Josef; Altstädt, Volker

Influence of size, aspect ratio and shear stiffness of nanoclays on the fatigue crack propagation behavior of their epoxy nanocomposites Artikel

Polymer, 158 , S. 372–380, 2018.

DOI: 10.1016/j.polymer.2018.10.008

Standau, Tobias; Hädelt, Bianca; Schreier, Peter; Altstädt, Volker

Development of a Bead Foam from an Engineering Polymer with Addition of Chain Extender: Expanded Polybutylene Terephthalate Artikel

Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, 57 (50), S. 17170–17176, 2018.

DOI: 10.1021/acs.iecr.8b04799

Balzereit, Sandra; Proes, Friedrich; Altstädt, Volker; Emmelmann, Claus

Properties of copper modified polyamide 12-powders and their potential for the use as laser direct structurable electronic circuit carriers Artikel

Additive Manufacturing, 23 , S. 347–354, 2018.

DOI: 10.1016/j.addma.2018.08.016

Neumeyer, Thomas; Bauernfeind, Anika; Eigner, Verena; Mueller, Claudia; Pramberger, Kerstin; Altstaedt, Volker

Novel epoxy prepreg resins for aircraft interiors based on combinations of halogen-free flame retardants Artikel

CEAS Aeronautical Journal, 9 (1), S. 235–248, 2018.

DOI: 10.1007/s13272-017-0279-7


Linhares, Felipe Nunes; Kersch, Michaela; Niebergall, Ute; Leite, Marcia Christina Amorim Moreira; Atlstädt, Volker; ã, Cristina Russi Guimar

Effect of Different Sulphur-Based Crosslink Networks on the Nitrile Rubber Resistance to Biodiesel Artikel

Fuel, 130 , S. 130–139, 2017.

DOI: 10.1016/j.fuel.2016.11.060

Bahrami, Ronak; Löbling, Tina I; Schmalz, Holger; Müller, Axel H E; Altstädt, Volker

Synergistic effects of Janus particles and triblock terpolymers on toughness of immiscible polymer blends Artikel

Polymer, 109 , S. 229–237, 2017.

DOI: 10.1016/j.polymer.2016.12.044

Helmlinger, Lars; Zhu, Yejun; Gensel, Julia; Neumeyer, Thomas; Thäter, Stefan; Strube, Franziska; Bauer, Christoph; Rosemann, Bernd; Altstädt, Volker

Application of Amine-Functionalized Cellulose Foam for CO2 Capture and~Storage in the Brewing Industry Artikel

Journal of Renewable Materials, 2017.

DOI: 10.7569/jrm.2017.634161


Raps, Daniel; Köppl, Thomas; Heymann, Lutz; Altstädt, Volker

Rheological behaviour of a high-melt-strength polypropylene at elevated pressure and gas loading for foaming purposes Artikel

Rheologica Acta, 56 (2), S. 95–111, 2016.

DOI: 10.1007/s00397-016-0988-6

Mühlbacher, Mathias; Hornfeck, Christoph; Neumeyer, Thomas; Altstädt, Volker

Thermoplastische Sandwichstrukturen aus Luftfahrtmaterialien Artikel

Lightweight Design, 9 (4), S. 44–49, 2016.

DOI: 10.1007/s35725-016-0039-3

Cestari, Sibele; Mendes, Luis; Altstädt, Volker; é, L

Upcycling polymers and natural fibres waste - properties of a potential building material Artikel

Recycling, 1 (1), S. 205-218, 2016.

DOI: 10.3390/recycling1010205

Hausner, Josef; Fischer, Bianca; Stöter, Matthias; Edenharter, Andreas; Schmid, Jasmin; Kunz, Raphael; Rosenfeldt, Sabine; Altstädt, Volker; Breu, Josef

Increasing time of ignition for PS-clay nanocomposites filled with [Fe(bpy)3]2$mathplus$-modified hectorite Artikel

Polymer Degradation and Stability, 128 , S. 141–148, 2016.

DOI: 10.1016/j.polymdegradstab.2016.03.015

Schulz, Doris

Trends in der Partikelschaumverarbeitung: Dampffrei verpackte Luft mit viel Potential Artikel

VDWF im Dialog, Ausgabe 4, 2016, ISSN: 1860-4935.

Altstädt, Volker

Special Issue - Polymer Blends and Compatibilization Artikel

Materials, 9 (8), 2016.

Knächel, Joachim; Neumeyer, Thomas

3D-Druck ermöglicht individuelle Funktionalisierung von Faserverbundkunststoffen Artikel

CCeV-Magazin, (03), 2016.

Niessner, N; Altstädt, V; Neumeyer, T

Acrylnitril-Butadien-Styrol Artikel

Kunststoffe, (10), S. 96-101, 2016.

Mörl, S; Altstädt, V

Aus Zwei mach Eins Artikel

Kunststoffe, (06), S. 52-54, 2016.

Baumgart, C; Höll, B; Neumeyer, T; Altstädt, V

Ein ungleiches Paar hält zusammen Artikel

Kunststoffe, (08), S. 104-107, 2016.

Kropka, M; Mühlbacher, M; Neumeyer, T; Altstädt, V

Faserverbundbauteile im Minutentakt Artikel

Kunststoffe, 106 (10), S. 164-168, 2016.

Zeiler, R; Bakis, G; Forero, S; Benra, J; Neumeyer, T; Altstädt, V

Kleiner Beitrag, starke Wirkung - mit Carbon Nanotubes modifizierte Epoxidharze als Matrix in Faser-Kunststoff-Verbundwerkstoffen Artikel

Kunststoffe, (02), S. 35-39, 2016.

Kropka, M; Altstädt, V

Leicht und stark - Wolfsbacher Forscher entwickeln Prototypen für Bauteile aus Carbonbändern Artikel

Tageszeitung, KURIER, (04), 2016.

Göttermann, S; Weinmann, S; Bonten, C; Standau, T; Altstädt, V

Luftiges Standardmaterial - Schäumbare Polyactide durch reaktive Extrusion Artikel

Kunststoffe, (01), S. 68-71, 2016.

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